Anatomy of a Blipp




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    please help, due to publish a book and the deadline is today, i have created all my blipps however i cant get them to upload? how do i send them to publishers what are the next steps? also how long does its take before thy go live?

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    Support @ Blippar

    Hi Jess, We review all blipps within 48 hours of submission. Please submit a support ticket to get help with uploading with our help desk by emailing them at:

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    I've added an audio file, a gallery of images and a video. the video is the only thing playing. Clicking on the other items does NOTHING, either on an android phone nor iPad. I want the images to be thumbnails and then expand when the gallery is clicked. I'd like the music to play as soon as the target image is scanned. I don't see ANY of these options. And why does it take literally minutes to scan the image? Layar does it in seconds . . . . .

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